Signing with Muddy Roots Music in Nashville


We are happy to announce we just signed with Muddy Roots Music Recordings and Muddyrootsmusic Nashville (Wanda Jackson, The Tillers, Joseph Huber, The Sonics, Mudhoney, Legendary Shack Shakers etc) for our next record due out this summer. Premium 12″ Vinyl without a doubt! We are super excited to be joining up with this team for more amazing music in more places and well, of course…. World Domination!!! Brad Tucker Shawn Supra Check out there official statement here:

Muddy Roots Records Digs Deep With Woody Pines

We took a stroll through and got lost in the Woody Pines discography. The stripped down American roots music sound is alive and well in this band. It’s the perfect jazz blend and modern renaissance of classic American style by young folks of today.

We are going all in on this one. We are proud to be adding the entire Woody Pines catalog to the Muddy Roots Music Recordings label as well as announce a brand new album out later this summer! Woody Pines also plays the Muddy Roots Music Festival Pre-Party Thursday Aug. 31, 2014 at the Junebug Ranch.

Keep an eye out for more updates soon…


New Woody Pines from Live and Breathing!

About Live & BREATHING

Years ago, while attending a school for the recording arts, I learned that while mixing and editing recorded music, I should cut out the breaths a musician would take before singing each line. It was believed that the sound of a vocalist drawing breath would make the song sound unpolished, flawed, and imperfect.

The Live & BREATHING 5

After years of constant touring, I have crossed paths with so many great musicians, songwriters and singers who struggle daily to share their voices with an audience that is yet to hear them. The spirit of these artists is full of genuine passion and energy, and to be in a room with any one of them is to experience music in a very pure way. The breathing sounds and all other ‘imperfections’ are part of that experience.

We formed this company because our own lives are inspired so deeply by music, and because we want to create a platform for these hard-working artists to get their music out into the world (and maybe to help fill their gas tanks along the way).

And so we find ourselves, with equipment in hand, wherever the music takes us; in between the weathered walls of a barn, a pump-house in the middle of the woods, the basement of a haunted train station, a friends living room, or sometimes just a kitchen table. It is in these unique spaces where each recording session sets a different stage for the artist, one where the audience they play for is themselves. Our philosophy is to bring you this music in its most raw, honest and unadulterated form…music that is Live and Breathing.

Jacksonville Songwriting Residency featuring Woody Pines

Jacksonville songwriting residencyIll be down in Jacksonville Florida next week 3/3-3/9, working on songs and our new record  that’s due out in late spring.  A huge thanks to recent Spark Grant recipient, The Cultural Council of greater Jacksonville and the  Jacksonville Songwriter Residency for flying me to Florida and Special thanks to Burnell Goldman and team at  the Omni Hotel Jacksonville for hosting the March Showcase and supporting the entire Jacksonville Songwriter Residency Project!

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